Rabindra Shrestha

Rabindra Shrestha

Rabin have been living in Belgium since 1991 and have  worked in different organisation since then in Belgium. He have been the part of Nepalese community and integrated with the Belgium society. For the present he is HPRR of Nepal Tourism Board of Nepal and Vice President of BNFA (Belgium Nepal Friendship Association) . He have been devoted his stay in Belgium as serving to Nepalese and Belgians to promote Nepal for the tourism.




2014 AD –2018: Associated in MM international products in promoting Nepalese goods in Europe and promoting Europe to Nepal. I am also been working as tour operator.

2002 AD- 2014: The CEO of the Pradhan Brothers SPRL, Rue Richard Vandveld 74, 1030 Brussels. The company is importing Nepal’s food items and handicrafts, which are distributing around the Europe. The company is also sole distributor of Gorkha Beers, Wai Wai Noodles and Khukuri Rum and Tokla Tea for the Europe.

Interpreter: Working independently as an interpreter for the (CGRA) commission General of the Refugee, Interior Ministry of Belgium and in the Conseil du contentieux des Etranger Belgium since 2002.

Lecturer: 1985 to 1997, Geology Department Trichandra Campus, Central Department of Geology, Kirtipur TriBhuvan University. Life member of NGS.


1993-1998: Research on Paleoclimatic studies in Vrije University Brussels as a part of Ph D program.

1991-1993: Completed Postgraduate in Quaternary Geology, Vrije University Brussels, with greatest distinction.

1981-1985: Master in General Geology from Tribhuvan University.