Our Core Benefits and Values: Sustainable Tourism


We at Asia Voyage have experienced the recent change in trends in Nepalese tourism. With drastic changes in the concepts, definitions, scopes and objectives of tourism in Nepal during these years, we are updating ourselves with globalization and modern technologies, as these have played a vital role to drag the primitive and narrow concept of tourism into much wider realms.


We believe and practice and promote those products that largely involved the participation of local communities. In other words Responsible and sustainable Tourism must be kept as an uppermost core value.


We seek to offer visitors something a little different. Whether this is staying in historic areas of the city or in a monastery, guests are encouraged to experience a little of the ‘real’ Nepal.


In addition to promoting sustainable tourism, we are also very actively involved in charities that help in a number of projects during the devastating earthquake in 2015. We are actively involved in empowering youths from a Scottish project yaknak who have finished their education and are seeking for job employment and to gain experience in tourism sector to become independent individuals.


We are working out in several different project which will be launched in the upcoming days where we believe in giving back to the community to make this world a little better.